Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cake for Breakfast.

halo people.
morning, i went to zaity place yesterday. we did some catching up and all.
and i realized how much i miss her :(
cant wait to meet dynat soon.
i miss laughing with her. eventho most of her jokes involve my stupidness.
I borrowed sex n the city series, season 1-7 frm ayuni and spent most of my time
watching it. :(
i hv to return the dvds to ayuni TODAY. if the dvds still in front of my eyes,
it'll be no work and all play good times.
and u knw, how much i love the good times.
i hope i can settle all the errands today and pack my bag asap.
going back to kelantan ths friday for cny holidays.
this is one of the reasons why i love msia. we'll be celebrating all the raya.
hehe. and also all the holidays.
but im not sure, which time is the most suitable to start moving,
i planned to go back around 12am or 2 am. to avoid jam tart.
but my roomate said, it wud be very dangerous, since all the lorries and trucks
will conquer the road.
maybe, i'll go at 5 and subuh at kulim etc.
we'll see.


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