Thursday, October 10, 2013

KGB ( Killer Gourmet Burgers) @ Bangsar

Photo Source : KGB Facebook Page
Salam all, 

I memang teringin nak check out another gourmet burger place selain dari myburgerlab.
I keep on going back to myburgerlab few times to fulfill my craving. 
Seriously gourmet burgers memang to die for!

This time we want to check out KGB ( Killer Gourmet Burger)
Heard a lot of good review about this place, the burgers must be really good!

Small bottle of coke, very cute. 
This place less crowded than myburgerlab. Sekejap je beratur and terus dapat tempat.
Or maybe sebab kami datang dalam pukul 9pm lebih.
Bukan peak hour. 


Crust seared grassfed beef, sharp cheddar, crispy beef bacon and spicy KGB sauce. 

I fell in love with the beef patty at the first bite. So tender, juicy, meaty and flavourful. Didnt really care about the beef bacon but spicy sauce add extra kick to the burger.

Burger No 2:


Grilled Grassfeed beef, Beef bacon relish, provolone cheese, Caramelised onions and maple baked cornflakes.

Yes you heard it right, cornflakes. 
Cornflakes in a burger, genius. 

What I like about this burger is, the crunchiness that comes from the cornflakes. 
But the flavour is quite mild, no extra kick in this.
Beef patty and caramelised onions work wonders, but I need sauce, some special sauce to add ummphh into the taste.

Add another RM7 for a set, coke + fries. 
You can choose any flavour of the fries, we chose
Herbed fries and its not memorable. 

I prefer awesome fries at myburgerlab, larger portion and more herbs in it. 

If you are lost, heres the map

KGB situated next to Milk & Butter Restaurant. 

Photo Source : KGB Facebook Page 

Gourmet burger lovers, you must check out this place. 


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