Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding Review : Pelamin Nikah


Hari ini I nak buat review about my pelamin nikah. Actually my pelamin nikah is a bit simple.
I pilih nak pakai white masa akad nikah and nak semua decoration in pastel color. Rukhsana suggest to use red color roses as hand bouquet tapi I taknak sebab red color sangat menyerlah. I want everything to look calm and serene.

I memang  berkenan dengan color aqua blue sebab its a comfort color. itulah feeling yang i am looking forward to feel during my solemnization. Rukhsana add a lil bit of green, pink and purple to the flowers decoration yang mana I sangat suka sebab looked sweet aje :)

Another deco yang add "ummphhh" to the pelamin, is the hanging raindrop crystals. They took quite alot of time to put up the crystals. Thank you so much. Nampak lagi meriah pelamin tu with the raindrop crystals.

I am so happy with pelamin. Thank you to Rukhsana Ridwan team for the pelamin. Bila I tengok semula gambar-gambar kahwin, one of the things yang I tak regret was the pelamin. Alhamdullilah everything went well and according to the plan :)

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