Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rukhsana Ridwan is having a promotion!

Salam all,

Last night, masa I was browsing through photos kat instagram, I perasan Rukhsana Ridwan is having a promotion and memang good deal! Rukhsana Ridwan is my wedding planner for my engagement and wedding.
What i like about them is, their passion and paling penting, diorang can work within budget. Rukhsana Ridwan also buat pelamin for Hezri's side in KL.

This is actually my friend's pelamin, she requested for mini pelamin for majlis bertanding groom's side

This is one of my favourite :)

Blogger Nurunnawal's pelamin

Right now, they are having Pelamin Dewan Promotion (artificial flowers ) if you nak guna fresh flowers pandai-pandai lah deal with them, add a few amount kan ? for only RM3650 ! Sah untuk tempahan from 19june hingga 23june! For any full payment, dapat 15% discount lagi.

Memang good deal sebab biasanya pelamin dewan will start at RM5000. What i can tell you people, Rukhsana Ridwan team memang honest person, thats why I suka work with them, kita dapat apa yang diorang promise. I memang seram dengar cerita orang pelamin tak honest ni. Charge mahal-mahal and tak ikut perjanjian asal. Alhamdullilah, my two big events working with them, I tak de banyak masalah and they are very good in entertaining clients.

Contact them for more information : Rukhsana Ridwan Facebook Page

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