Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Warung Murtabak @ Kadok, Kelantan

My parents and i just discovered this warung a few days ago.
situated in Kadok ( a place's name).
this warung got no name, im not kidding,
run by a malay family and only served murtabak and roti canai.
the best murtabak i ever had!
forget murtabak raja that costs rm12 each!
this rm2.50 murtabak tasted better in every way :)

served with vinegar and onions.
i love the stuffing,
beef, potatoes and onions.
their roti canai is so fluffy,
just the way i like it.
and im not a fan of roti canai, but this one got my vote.
served with dhal and curry.
thumbs up!


Moumo said...

kmpg abe ipar mekla

Akmal Hidayah Azalan said...

yee? pasni mekla boleh belanja laa hehehe :D

Moumo said...

boley je,nt mek la blik 25hb
ayya da taw bile posting?

Akmal Hidayah Azalan said...

haa boleh lah camtu! jom jumpa! hehe. tapi aya tatau sangat jalan kt kb :(
posting end of dec br tau


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