Tuesday, November 24, 2009


halo people. im home now for a very long holiday.
sorry for the long hiatus.
my lappy went to drain. and i think i need a new one.
im at aunt's house now and going to spend a few nights here.
my internet activities are decreasing. yela, i hv no lappy sure laa cant access
the internet. but i did update on twitter once in a while.

i feel uneasy. like there are something in my stomach.
obviously its not butterflies. but something u feel when ur
receiving a bad news.
i dunno why i feel very very uneasy and awry.
because of his social friends?
or his way of life?
u knw what, i always judge a person based on their peers. i know a lot might disagree with me.
but thats my own opinion.
u cant choose ur family but u can choose ur friends.
and u chose friends like 'that', means that ur part of the their world.
then u joined their activities and all.
next ur announcing ur not like them. ur better than them.
but i think. u are.
to the bone.



Momoe said...
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Momoe said...

Its true. You can actually judge a person from his or her choices of friends. It is proven - at least, from my personal experience :D

ayya henrietta said...

Thank u babe:)
for supporting me

Anonymous said...

feel the same way.
being friends for long years is not enuf to judge a person..
sumtimes people is unpredictable


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